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Frame It for Mac users

Frame It for Mac users


Clip It, Frame It, Play It... Everything you need to make corporate short videos!

Why attend?

Video views are key to a great digital strategy for your business.  From on-screen testimonials, education, answering questions to launching new products, video can do it all!   But so many people get it so WRONG…. even if they have paid a professional.   If you want to take control of your own video marketing then you will want to book a space on this course.


This course is aimed at teaching you how to take a video and make it professional and worthy of being on your website or social media to fit in with your business identity and professionalism.   This course comes in 3 parts which if booked together offers a discount.  This is part 2 of a series of 3.

What will you learn?

We will give you all the tools you need to shoot, clip and edit your video ready for the world to play it! Learn the rules of online video marketing, what works and how to make your video look professional without the large price tag.


3 hours 

Whats Included

Course 2 - Shooting the perfect video.   On the day we will ask students to shoot a short video so a digital camera or phone with video will be required. 


Also Available to book:

Course 3 - Editing your work.   Taking our footage from course 2 you will learn more advanced techniques to make your video feel professional and stand out.

Course 1 - Students will have to come to training with a Mac with imovie active.   For PC users we run a pc course.    We will supply you with a video to edit on the day



The course will use the free iMovie software on your mac.

Module:  Clip It

  • Getting to know iMovie
  • Clipping your video using the main editing tools
  • Making your video your own
  • Branding your video

Module:  Frame It

  • Setting up to shoot your video
  • Getting the lights and sounds just right
  • Making you feel comfortable in front of the camera
  • Shooting your videos

Module:  Play It

  • Making you video represent your brand
  • Voice overs, advanced editing
  • Secret editing tips of the trade

Course Availability:  10 maximum

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